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The Best Beat Making Software.

A Real Dubturbo Review

Software to AVOID: A DubTurbo Review.

DubTurbo and Sonic Producer Review 1) Dubturbo ($39.95) – This software claims to help you “MAKE SICKKKK BEATS”, and has plenty of people giving shilling for it,  but guess what?  Just about all of these...

Best Beat Software For Beginners

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

So you’re just beginning to make beats and don’t want to commit much money if any at all. Very understandable. The one thing that is important though, is that you use a quality software...

Whats the difference between VSTi VST DX DXi ?AU

What are Plugins? What is VST, VSTi, RTAS, and AU?

Audio Plugins Explained Plugins are addons to your DAW or other audio software that give additional functionality. Whether it be new capabilities like reverb or echo effects,  additional instruments to play on your songs, sound...

various audio vsts

Intro to Hip-Hop Production Software

  Before the late 90’s, using computers to create hip-hop was virtually unheard of. This didn’t gain steam until the mid 2000’s and even then, it was mostly Avid’s Pro-Tools were mainly used in...